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Fondant Silicone Mould Tutorial

When I first started working with fondant I was so excited to try out all the amazing silicone moulds, there was so many lovely designs I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. And then I finally did get my hands on them and ended up nearly tearing my hair out in frustration trying to get them to work!

The fondant would get stuck, the design wouldn’t hold.. it was so frustrating! I did eventually (after many hours of growling and cursing) discover how to get them to bloody work.

First things first; Tylo Powder. It’s pretty much an essential when I’m working with fondant moulds. For softer, more flexible moulds us less tylo. For firmer moulds use a little more. Dust your mould with a little cornflour then tap it on the counter to remove the excess; use a soft brush to remove any more excess cornflour. You only need a very light coating. Next, warm up your fondant up by kneading it, then push it firmly into the desired mould. Use a small rolling pin to push it further in and roll it gently across the fondant to make sure it gets into all the nook and crannies. Cut the excess fondant away from the mould and use your finger to lightly rub over the edges; this will help to remove any last excess fondant. Flip your mould over and bend it, as if peeling it away from the fondant. Gently coerce the fondant out with your finger if you need to, and hey presto! You should have successfully used your fondant mould :)

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