Bundles of Bakes


Hello world, I’m Natalie. I’m a 25 year old cake baker & decorator, stationary hoarder and craft nut blogging from Liverpool, England.

I started baking back in 2010, admittedly mainly out of boredom (I had a lot of time on my hands) but also because the baking trend was really taking off and I couldn’t not join in.

I started with cupcakes. I purchased The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook and for a short while it was my go to guide for all things baking; I was throwing cakes at my family left, right and center. They weren’t always a success but I found that no one moans about freebie cupcakes (because they might not get anymore if they do). I was enjoying my new-found hobby but yearned for more creativity; thus came the purchase of Planet Cake Cupcakes. Fondant decorations! Perfect. It wasn’t long, though, before my attention was turned to birthday cakes.

Oh, that first cake. That marvellous, two tiered cake, with the big bow and the hearts on wires that I was so proud of.

It makes me cringe thinking about it.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible, for a first attempt it looked pretty okay, but oh god, I did so many things wrong. No doubt there’ll be a full detailed blog post about this. (edit: There is! It’s here!) There was so many things I didn’t know at this point but I was learning. I made a few more birthday cakes for friends and family but ended up moving house at the end of 2010 and no longer had the kitchen space. I kissed goodbye to my cake mixer and stored it away.

Three years went by. In that time I dabbled with card making & fimo jewellery making. Then my boyfriend and I moved into our own place, and voila! Kitchen space! Out came the Kenwood, in went the cake mix and Bundles of Bakes was born.

Suddenly I was baking all the time. At first for friends and family, then for people at work- I was exhausted, it was like a second job. Some days I’d have to rush home from work to start baking, be up ’til 2AM decorating, then be up at 6AM for work, travelling by train with a cake panicking someone was going to bump into me, working my shift then rushing home to do it all over again.

I left that job in 2014 and was hired as a cake decorator in a local cake shop.

In the last two years I’ve learnt so much, and I’m still learning! I want to share my knowledge with anyone who’s just starting out with baking so they can maybe learn from my mistakes and save themselves a whole lotta time, trouble and effort, and at the same time further my own skills along the way.

And that’s pretty much how Bundles of Bakes came to be. Guess I better get blogging!

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